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There is a 2 step process to ordering our wooden cubes:
1. Fill out the name/address form below with the version and quantity you're ordering - click submit
2. Select the number of sets you're buying and click the PayPal button to purchase
Each of our wooden cube sets come in a wooden box with 10 wooden story cubes inside, with a total of 60 unique Indian-inspired images.
Each set costs Rs. 1200 each. Shipping and handling is free within India for 4 or fewer sets. For orders of more than 4 sets or for international orders, contact us at the contact page of this website.
Note: If you are confused by anything at all or want to make a custom order that's not covered with the options here on this page, just messages us and we'll take care of it. 
specify version and quantity of wooden cubes below

each set costs rs. 1200

Thank you! Now please pay via PayPal below to complete your order.

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