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Story Set #1 - How to play!


​Our first set of story cubes, this classic collection is filled with a wide range of images and ideas to stimulate your storytelling skills. It's the perfect way to introduce yourself or the storyteller in your life to Kahani Kubes. Order on Amazon here.

Story Set #2 - How to play!


Ready for the next step? Add our newest collection of story cubes to our original set. All new images, all new creative symbols, all new snapshots of Indian life to infuse and invigorate your story skills. Order on Amazon here.

Math Cubes


Our math cubes offer a fun and very simple way to practice math quickly. The key to making the math cubes work is to rearrange the cubes to form increasingly difficult equations. That way, they are adaptable to all levels of math proficiency. Order on Amazon here.

Spelling Cubes


Ideal for the English learner in your life. Our clear and easy-to-read letters present a very straight-forward way to learn words from 1 to 9 letters long. Roll the dice and see how many words you can make out of the letters you find. Order on Amazon here.

Solar System Cubes


Take a tour around the cosmos with these cubes that introduce you too the details of the eight planets in our solar system. What are they? What do they look like? What are their atmospheres comprised of? What's important about them? Find out and order on Amazon here.

Our Partner


Take your storytelling to the next level and connect with Tall Tales Storytelling, India's fastest-growing storytelling organization. Both their live shows and their workshops are designed for people who take stories seriously. Click here for more.

Our Cubes


Our high-quality cubes are made of compound plastic and designed to be durable. The will always maintain their shape and design. Light enough to take anywhere and strong enough to last forever.

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