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How to play

All of the Kahani Kube sets come with suggested instructions on how to play. You can of course make up your own game too! But if you're looking for suggestions now, here are some for how to play with our story cubes set.

1. Take out all the cubes.

2. Roll the cubes and let fate decide your story.

3. Use 1 or 2 cubes to create a world where your story will take place.

4. Find a character on 1 of the cubes that's going on to go on an adventure.

5. Use 3 or 4 other cubes to come up with some difficulties that this character is going to face along the way.

6. Use 1 or 2 of the cubes to imagine a way that your character gives his mission one last try.

7. Use 1 special cube to imagine what your character wins/achieves/loses at the end.


Keep in mind that the cubes should inspire you. You don't always need to use exactly what's on it. What does the cube make you think of? What does it make your dream of? Use the cubes to get you started but let your heart, mind, and imagination go wherever it wants to go! 

See more on YouTube here.

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